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Stand: 08.06.20



Swedish Winner Dog Show 2013
Judge:  Petter Steen (NO)
Art'Marant Hurricane got Excellent 4th Junior class (9 juniors entered)

Congratulations to his owners Malin and Sophie 



PSK breeding test 
Judge: Katharina Keil (D)
Winz Sprate Bridgette for Marant passed successfully the breeding test
(anatomy and character)
and got her breeding license !


Again successful weekend for our Sigge in Sweden!

8.09.2013  Swedish Schnauzer-Pinscher-Club (SSPK) Show Högbo
Judge: Sonny Ström (SE)
Art'Marant Hurricane BOB Puppy

7.09.2013 Swedish Kennel Club Show Högbo

Judge: Shaun Watson, Cyprus
Art'Marant Hurricane BOB Puppy (picked out in the BIS-final)

Congratulations Malin and Sophie, we are very proud !!






17.08. - 18.08.2013 
It was another
successful weekend for our youngsters

Our offsprings have participated in shows in three different countries and we are  very pleased with their results!!


IDS Norrköping & IDS Eskilstuna (Sweden)
Judge: Carina Andersson Rapp (SE)
Judge: Petter Fodstad (NO)

Art'Marant Hurricane BOB Puppy on both days !!

Congratulations to Malin Oskarson and Sophie Ekström!
Sophie and Sigge both are a great team!




Double IDS Tallin (Estonia)

Art'Marant Guinness
Antonio Rojo Fajardo(ES), Borge Espeland (NO)

Junior class EXC. 2  und EXC. 1
Congratulations to Elina und Kristiina!



National Show & Danish Schnauzer Klub Show in Andst (DK)

Art’Marant Gloria Dei
was entered the first time and got both days Excellent in Junior class
Judges: Ligita Zake (LT), P.Jentgen (LUX)
Congratulations to owner Helle Lassen!



10.08.2013 Show results from Sweden  
Askersund Allbreedshow
Hans Almgren (SE)
Art'Marant Hurricane won BOB-Puppy again !! 

Congratulations to owners Sophie and Malin!

4.08.2013 Lithuanian Schnauzer-Pinscher Speciality Show 
Judge: Jeannette Seltz-Halter (FR)
Art'Marant Guinness got JUN CAC, BOB Junior and finaly BISj-3 !!
He got also a new title - LITHUANIAN CLUB JUNIOR WINNER'2013

2.08.2013 IDS Druskininkai, Lithuania
Judge: Espeland Borge  (Norway)
Art'Marant Guinness got JUN CAC and finished his LITHUANIAN Junior Champion and
BALTIC Junior Champion !!
He is now EST JCH, LV JCH, LT JCH and BALT JCH !!! 

We are very pleased, thank you Elina and Kristiina you both doing a great job with Nero!


28.07.2013  IDS  Ransäter Sweden  
Judge: Dan Ericsson (SE)
Art'Marant Hurricane
BOB-Puppy !! 
Handler and groomer: Sophie Ekström

Congratulations Sophie and Malin, we are so proud of his achievements!


Show news from Finland 

28.07.2013  IDS Pori
Judge: Paul Lawless (Ireland)
Art'Marant Guinness
JUN EXC , CQ, Best Male 4 & res. CAC


27.07.2013  IDS Helsinki

Judge: Yana Gavrilova (RUS)
Art'Marant Guinness JUN EXC 1, CQ, Best Male 2 and CAC !!
Big congratulations to Elina and Kristiina! Special thanks to Irina Vinogradova
for the excellent grooming and photos of Nero!

14.07.2013 - PSK Club Show in Zwickau
Judge: Birgit Bischoff (D)
Winz Sprate Bridgette for Marant in the Junior class  EXC.2, res. JCAC
Caribbean Seashell Sandora got 1. Place in the Veteran class







Show news from Estonia

14.07.2013 - National Dog Show in Tallin
Judge: Igoris Zizevskis (LT)

Art'Marant Guinness
got in the Junior class 
JUN EXC.1, CQ ,JCAC, BM-4, BOB-Junior and finished 
and LV JUN CH !!

Great result! Thank you Kristiina, Elina and all involved!

And just wanted to say thanks so much again to Irina Vinogradova, for everything you did for Nero !



13.07.2013 - PSK Club Show in Berlin-Birkenwerder
Judge: Monika Felsche (D)
Winz Sprate Bridgette for Marant
Junior class  EXC.1, JUN CAC and finished the title Junior Club Winner PSK

Caribbean Seashell Sandora 1. Place in the Veteran class

Show news from Finland 

30.06.2013 -
National Dogshow
Judge: Paola Watten, IT
Art'Marant Guinness 12 months old
EXC2, CQ, Best Male-4
Many thanks Sari Möller for the photos!
Grooming & Handling: Ninni Suhonen


21.06. - 23.06.2013 
We have spent a well-organized 3 x club show weekend in Falkensee
Judges: P. Jentgen (LUX), J. Jablonska (PL), K. Horak (CZ)

Our Caribbean Seashell Sandora  the first time in the Veteran class got all three days the 1. Place
(she is still in top condition) and finished Veteran Club Winner PSK at once! 

Our youngster Winz Sprate Bridgette for Marant got in the Junior class
Friday EXC. 2
Saturday EXC. 1, JUN CAC
Sunday EXC. 1, JUN CAC and won BOB !!

We are very pleased with these wonderfull results  


15.06. 16.06.2013 - National Show & CACIB Erfurt
Judges:  E. Wieldraaijer NL, J. Baars NL
Winz Sprate Bridgette for Marant
Junior class - VG1 on both days...because she is "still too young"


02.06.2013  - Show news from Sweden
Schnauzer-Pinscher Specialty Show in Norrköping
Art'Marant Hurricane

won Best Puppy of Breed (BOB) and finale BIS-2 Puppy on his first show!
Breedjudge: Ilona Onstenk-Schenk, NL
BIS judge: Fransesco Cochetti, IT

Thank you Malin Oskarson and Sophie Ekström for this great result and for the beautiful photos!
We are very proud about our youngstar



National dog show in Talsi, Latvia
Breed judge: Carsten Birk (Denmark)
Art'Marant Guinness
unior class - EXC.1, JUN CAC, Best Male, BOB and BIG-4 !!

Huge congratulations to owners Kristiina & Elina!


International Dog Show Tallin Winner 2013, Estonia

Berri Beare (Ireland)
Art'Marant Guinness
Junior class  JUN CAC, CQ, BOB-Junior und Tallin Junior Winner-2013 !!!
Congratulations to all involved! We are very proud

Many thanks to our friend Irina Vinogradova for the great movie!!



Speciality show for II FCI group
Breed judge: Igor Selimovič (Croatia)
Art'Marant Guinness
Junior class - EXC.1, JUN CAC, Best Male-3 !!

International Dog Show Latvian Winner 2013, Latvia

Oksana Vertinska (LV)
Art'Marant Guinness
Junior class - ECX.3, CQ

Thank you Kristiina & Elina for your great job with Nero  


National Dog Show in Narva, Estonia
Viva-Maria Soleckyj-Spunar (PL)
Art'Marant Guinness
Junior class - ECX.1, JCAC & Best Male-2 !!

Big congrats to his owners Elina Gardin-Kukkonen & Kristiina Laitinen
and of course to his groomer & godmother Ninni Suhonen!

2.03 & 3.03 2013 Double all breeds dog show in Tallin, Estonia
Judges: Juta Haranen (EST) & G. Kalinicenko (UA)

The first show for Art'Marant Guinness at the age of 8 months in the puppy class on both days.
Saturday, 2.03. he won his class with BOB Puppy and in the Best In Show Puppy finals, he was BISp -2 !! Wow !!

Sunday, 3.03. he got BOB Puppy again !

Congrats Kristiina and Elina, we are so proud of our Nero today!!


And now, a short film with Guinness in the show ring

Many thanks Irina for this great surprise!



Today we received new photos from Finland of
our Art'Marant Guinness (named Nero).
He looks very promising at the age of 8 months and all of us wish him good luck in future! Thanks to his proud owners!

For more info about him see offprings section >>>    


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