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We have no puppies available at the moment



 If you are interested in information about puppies email us

Please check also our planned litters page!


Puppy Info:

Each litter is carefully planned and the puppies are reared entirely in the house. Before they leave us to go to their new homes, they received some important socialisation and experienced the "every day" things that they will encounter in their new home environment. This includes puppy visitors, our own family and children. When they're old enough as well as mixing with our adult dogs, going outside to play, taking on short car rides etc.

* 9 weeks old puppies will be ready to move new homes
* original pedigree from the German Pinscher-Schnauzer Club PSK-VDH-FCI
* ID-marking with micro-chip and European Pet Passport
* 1st vaccination (8th week)
* De-wormed at least 3 times
* medically checked by our vet
* litter controlled by PSK-breedmaster at 8 weeks
* export-pedigree (optionally, if needed)
* breeder's support

Our puppies grow up in our home with a lot of love and attention and our dogs lives  inside the house
with us.  All puppies will have uncropped ears and undocked tails!