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Stand: 08.06.20


17.12.2016 PSK Club Show Werratal 
Judge: J. Fertig (D)

Cant't Get Enough Grand Calvera 
junior class EXC 1, BOB-Junior and BOS!

It was our last show this year and we are very pleased about this nice result of our youngster Phil


17.12.2016 IDS Vilnius Winter, Lithuania  
Judge: T. Havelka (SK)

Art'Marant La Luna did fine and got
JUN EXC 1,  Best Junior and BOB!

We congratulate her owners Johanna and Eliina!


10.12.2016 Hesinki Puppy Winner Show, Finland  
Judge: J. Nummela (FI)

Art'Marant Magnum
VP, BOS-Puppy !

Congratulations to owners Markku und Marja Suuronen!


23.10.2016 Lahti Puppy Show, Finland  
Judge: Kimmo Mustonen (FI)

Art'Marant Magnum
BOB Puppy with Honour Award!

Congratulations to owners Markku und Marja Suuronen!


09.10.2016 PSK Club Show Leipzig  
Judge: Regina Blessing (DE)

Can't Get Enough Grand Calvera junior class EXC 1, JCAC PSK-VDH

Winz Sprate Bridgette for Marant open class EXC 1, CAC PSK-VDH

Both dogs won also Best Brace!

27.08.2016 NDS Helsinki, Finland  
Judge: Jens Myrman (SE)

Art'Marant La Luna CAC, Best Female -1 and BOS

Congratulations to her owners!


20.08. -21.08.2016 2 x IDS Tallinn, Estonia  
Judge: P. Bozhinovski (MK),
D. Sudeikiene (LT)

Art'Marant La Luna 2 x JCAC and finished JCH Estonia

Congratulations to all who were involved, we are happy!


14.08.2016 IDS Mladá Boleslav, CZ  
Judge: Jolanta Jablonska (PL)

Art'Marant Infanta got Exc 2, res.CAC = CAC ČMKU  


06.08.2016 Special Show Angarsk, Russia  
Judge: N. Milovanova (CY)

14.08.2016 Regional Show Angarsk, Russia
Judge: Elena Kozina (RUS)

Art'Marant Kalypso
06.08. Exc 1, CAC, CW 
14.08. CAC, CW, Best Female and BOB !!  

We congratulate her owners Fam. Gavrish!


1.08.2016 Barrie Kennel Club Show, Ontario, Canada 
Judge Paul Stanton (Sweden)
Great news from our offspring

UKC Ch Art'Marant La Vallee finisched her Canadian Championship today!!!
Vallee winnig BOB, Terrier Group 2nd and Best Puppy in Terrier Group! 

We are so happy with the great success of Vallee and would like to congratulate her owners Jennifer and Michelle! Way to go, girls!


We want to congratulate Jennifer Deslauriers and her sister Michelle for very successful weekend
with Art'Marant La Vallee
Valley Kennel Club, Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada
Judge Ann Ingram (Ireland)
gave Vallee Winners Bitch for a 3pt major towards her CKC Champion

She is now halfway to her CKC Championship!
Judges Guillermo Carrillo (MEX) and Rosemary Kemp (AU)
both gave Vallee Reserve Winners (Runner up). Thank you girls for your great job !!!



17.07.2016 NDS Mladá Boleslav, CZ  
Judge: Lenka Fairaislová (CZ)

Art'Marant Infanta got in the open class Exc 1, CAC ČMKU  

Can't Get Enough Grand Calvera puppy class - Very Promising 1

10.07.2016 IDS Pärnu, Estonia  
Judge: V.Avtusko (LT)

Art'Marant La Luna got Exc 1, JCAC, BOB Junior and Best Female-2!
Great job, Johanna!


25.06.2016 OG Show Glauchau  
Judge: Monika Felsche (D)

Caribbean Seashell Sandora
(11,5 years old)
 veteran class 1th place and BIS-1 Veteran 

We are very proud of our Grandma!

Can't Get Enough Grand Calvera puppy class VP1 and BIS-1 Puppy !!


UKC Ch Art'Marant La Vallee 9 month old at UKC Premier 2016 winning
Reserve Champion in a class of 6, 2 days in a row!!
Great result, we are happy !!!


11.06. - 12.06.2016  Grand River Kennel Club
UKC Show Weekend, Ontario, Canada

Art'Marant La Vallee
did it great and completed her UKC Champion title with Group 1st placement! Thank you very much Jennifer Deslauriers for your excellent job with Vallee and huge congrats!
We are so proud!


14.05.2016  Tuusula Dog Show, Finland  
Judge: Peixoto Tina (PT)

Art'Marant La Luna
BOB Puppy
again!! Great!



07.05.-08.05.2016  Rakvere Double All Breed Show, Estland  

Art'Marant La Luna
was BOB Puppy both days!

Huge congratulations to her owners!


01.05.2016 PSK Club Show Jena  
Judge: Piotr Król (PL)

Art'Marant Infanta
champion class EXC 1, CAC PSK-VDH and fullfilled her
German Champion PSK
& VDH !
We are happy and proud!


Can't Get Enough Grand Calvera has been to show for the first time.
Phil behaved himself very well and ended up with VP1 and  BISS Baby-3!!

30.04.-01.05.2016  Grand River Kennel Clubs UKC Show, Canada  

Art'Marant La Vallee
debuted successfully in UKC show this weekend, she won Best Of Breed twice and one Group 1st and a Terrier Group 3rd
She earned many points toward finishing her UKC Champon 

Well done, Jennifer! Congratulations!!


22.04.-24.04.2016  Guelph & District KC Show, Ontario, Canada  

Art'Marant La Vallee
won Best Junior Puppy
all three days and on Saturday she also won
Best Female /Winners Bitch, BOS with a 2 points major towards her Canadian Championship!

Judge: Shinichi Sonoda, Japan

Great job, Jennifer! We are happy for you and Vallee!


17.04.2016  Puppy Show Helsinki, Finland  
Judge: M. Markio (FI)

Art'Marant La Luna
won Best Female Puppy

Congratulations to Elina and Johanna!



03.04.2016  PSK Club Show Limbach-Oberfrohna  
Judge: M. Zakrewska (PL)

Art'Marant Infanta
open class EXC 1, CAC PSK-VDH  



05.03.2016  IDS Zielona Góra, Polen  
Judge: D. Kuzelj (BGR)

Art'Marant Infanta
open class EXC 1, CAC, CWC and res. CACIB  
Now she has fulfilled all the conditions for Poland Champion



05.03.2016  Kouvola Show, Finland  
Judge: O. Huuskonen (FI)

Art'Marant La Luna
first time in the ring and did it very well - she won BOS Puppy !!
We conratulate the owners Elina and Johanna!



28.02.2016  Ontario Breeders Association Show, Canada  
Judge: Tim Thomas (Australia)

Art'Marant La Vallee
winning Best Baby Puppy GRP. IV !!
Conratulations to her owner Jennifer Deslauriers!




Weare pleased to welcome
Can't Get Enough Grand Calvera
as the newest member of our team 

Thank you Denisa for such a lovely boy!
In friendly cooperation with Mrs. Ilona Yablonovska



13.02.2016 PSK Club Show Mühlenbecker Land 
Judge: Monika Felsche (D)

Ice Cube open class EXC 1, CAC PSK-VDH
Congratulations to Fam Cremer!




Some pictures of our offsprings from L-litter, they are 4 months old now



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