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Stand: 08.06.20



13.12.2014  Swedisch Winner Show, Stockholm 
Valerio Nataletti  (IT)

Art'Marant Hurricane
Intermedia class  EXC 2,  CQ

Very nice result, congratulations to his owner Sophie Ekström!




02.11.2014  IDS Hannover 
Zeljka Fon Zidar (SI)

Art'Marant Infanta
Junior class EXC1, JCAC VDH, Junior BOB and BOB !!! 

We are very proud and happy!!
Now she finished German Youth Champion VDH




21.09.2014  PSK Club Show Dresden 
Jolanta Jablonska (PL)

Art'Marant Infanta
Junior class EXC 1, JCAC PSK-VDH-ISPU



Show results from Sweden
14.09.2014  IDS in Gimo 

Art'Marant Hurricane
intermedia class  EXC 1



Show results from Estonia

6.09.2014  National Show
7.09.2014 FCI II-Group Show Tallinn

Denis Dudko (BY) , Anna Rogowska (PL)

Art'Marant Guinness
First day in open class EXC 1, CAC, Best male-2!
Second day in open class EXC 1, CAC, Best male -1 and BOB !!!

So, he finished now his FIN and EST Championship

Congratulations to all who were involved, we are very proud and happy !!



23.08.2014 German Winner Show Leipzig
24.08.2014 International Show Leipzig

Judges: Ernst Theissen (D), Helga Nagel (D)

Art'Marant Infanta junior class
EXC 2, res. JCAC  = JCAC VDH
EXC 2, res. JCAC VDH

Art'Marant Ice Cube junior class
EXC 2, res. JCAC VDH
his reserve challenge sertificate will be changed into a full challenge certificate, because the first dog already holds the title. So, Nico now may apply for the German Youth Champion VDH !!
Congratulations to Fam. Cremer


02-08.-03.08.2014  double PSK Show in Zerbst 
Vladimir Alexandrov (RU), Charlotta Orre (SE)

Art'Marant Infanta got in junior class  2 x EXC 1, JCAC PSK-VDH
and finished so Club Junior Winner !!

Winz Sprate Bridgette for Marant in open class EXC 1, CAC / VG2


27.07.2014  PSK Club Show in Jarmen  
Judge: Stefan Wächter (D)

Art'Marant Infanta is just 9 months
EXC 1, JCAC PSK-VDH, Best Junior and BOB !! 

Winz Sprate Bridgette for Marant  EXC 1, CAC PSK-VDH and finished Club Winner PSK !

Art'Marant Ice Cube EXC 1, jCAC PSK-VDH
Congratulations to Fam. Cremer!



28-06. - 29.06.2014  PSK Club Show Leipzig 
Malgorzata Zakrewska (PL), Dr. Katharina Keil (D)

Caribbean Seashell Sandora veteran class - 2 x 1. Platz, Vet-CAC PSK-VDH 
finished Klub Veteranen-Champion PSK  

Winz Sprate Bridgette for Marant  intermedia class - 2 x EXC 1, CAC PSK-VDH
Art'Marant Ice Cube puppy class VP1


Art'Marant Infanta was succesful again! Puppy class  2 x VP 1 and BIS PUPPY-1 


14-06. - 15.06.2014  National & CACIB Erfurt 
Birgit Bischoff (D), Dr. Katharina Keil (D)
Mrs Sylvie Desserne (FR)

Caribbean Seashell Sandora Veteran class
2 x 1. place, V-CAC VDH, 2 x Best Veteran and Thüringen Veteran Winner 2014
She finished also today German Veteranen-Champion VDH !!!




Her granddaughter was very successful too

Art'Marant Infanta 
puppy class  2 x VP1, 2 x BOB puppy and eventually in the main ring

We are incredibly proud and happy!!



01.05.2014  KSA Kraftsdorf 
Ernst Theisen (D)

Caribbean Seashell Sandora Veteran class 1. Platz, V-CAC PSK/VDH/ISPU
Art'Marant Infanta 
Puppy class VP1


Art'Marant Ice Cube
Puppy class VP1

Congratulations to Fam. Cremer!

News from Finland
IDS Lahti 
Fernando Quilis Bonet (ES )

Art'Marant Guinness
intermediate class   EXC.1, Res.CAC, Res-CACIB and Best Male -2 !!

Happy again
Congratulations to Elina and Kristiina and thank you for your excellent job with Nero!




News from Finland

Myrna Shiboleth (Israel )
Art'Marant Guinness
intermediate class   EXC.1, CAC, CQ and Best Male -3 !!

We are very happy
Congratulations to Elina and Kristiina!




CACIB Show in Chemnitz
Zeljka Fon Zidar (SI)

Caribbean Seashell Sandora
Veteran class 1. Place


and der grandchildren were successful
both are debutants, 6 months old

Art'Marant Infanta Puppy class VP1
Art'Marant Ice Cube (Nico) Puppy class VP1

We congratulate happy owners of Nico Fam. Cremer!
And one more our offspring from CZ  were at the show and did it very well

Daulie  Blackit Od Stribrnych Tlapek
(Art'Marant Crossfire x Nikita Rezlark)
open class female - EXC.1, CAC, CACIB and BOS !!

Congratulations to her owners, we are very proud!


Great news from Finland

Tuusniemi Group Show
Salijevic Zorica (SE)

Art'Marant Guinness
got  EXC.1, CAC, CQ, Best Male & BOB !!!

We are very proud and happy!
Congratulations to his owners Elina and Kristiina and of course his groomer Ninni Suhonen!
Thank you girls, you are the best !





Happy 9th Birthday our lovely girl Caribbean Seashell Sandora
She is our best friend and unique person in our team,
Congratulations on another fine year !!


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